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Project postscript: One assumes installation is the major part of this project. True, but don't under-estimate the task of priming and painting all these new windows, inside and out! I chose a white to closely match the hardware of the windows: Benjamin Moore's China White. I primed, then painted in flat, as suggested by Pella. Couldn't stand it, and repainted in China White semi-gloss. Much better!

New Windows!

Let There Be Light—
(Through Low-E Insulated Glass!)

living room windows before living room windows after inside and out

In my opinion, window replacement is one of the most wonderful upgrades to a home. Ours really needed it! The original windows were single-paned casements in metal frames. They conducted cold so well that often up to an inch of ice formed on interiors during winter months, as the indoor humidity froze and built up on panes and frames. Then of course, it melted, causing water to pool on sills and drip down walls, leaving charming trails and streaks in its wake. This is one of the worst design flaws in these homes.

Here are some photos BEFORE, DURING, and AFTER the project (hover):

bedroom window installation bedroom windows insidebathroom window before and after office window before and after

lower level windows before and after lower level windows inside and out

How to Choose

When finally I had the funds, we were able to replace those monstrosities. We'd watched other neighbors' window replacements for years and had some ideas about what we wanted and didn't want. The openings were tricky; not standard to most stock replacement windows. So, we could go bigger or smaller. Bigger: major construction and more money needed. Smaller: unsightly wide trim showed to mask the size difference. We chose smaller, but not by much, selecting Pella brand in several styles, depending on our needs in each room, which came as close as possible to our opening dimensions.

Special Features

Windows add beauty inside and out, as well as security and energy efficiency, so, while expensive, they also “pay back” in many ways. We chose high-end features on some, such as roll-screens (which roll up into the frame like window-shades when not in use), blinds with-in the glass (which eliminate the need for window treatments on doors, etc.), and low-E glass (which reduces damaging rays especially in south-facing windows); then went with basic styles in rooms where direct sunlight and usage didn't require such features.

Supplies: Pella windows with various features:


(See Project Postscript for more info.)