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Project Scrapbook

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my house front in 1998 and 2007

Ten years makes a big difference in curb appeal!
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aerial neighborhood views 1954 and 2007

Check out our neighborhood, before & after development.
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Back Yard before and after concrete pavers

How a fence and concrete enlarged our backyard!
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before and after leveling hillside

Dig it! Hillside restructure on the east side of the house.
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front bench after shrub removal

How we removed a shrub and blocked a trash-y view.
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brick mowing strip before and after

A mowing strip and garden border from salvaged bricks.
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window installation

New windows improve the whole house, inside & out!
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bathroom before and after remodel

After 40 years, zen-like beauty in the bath!
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Henry and Oliver watering

Two cute grandsons mean a new generation of gardeners!
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Garden Cake

Gardening in the kitchen? Try this Spring Garden Cake!
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Front Door 1967 and 2008

Front-door facelift in one day. (That's me in '67!)
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