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Neighborhood Information

Below is an aerial photo of our neighborhood in 1954, with only a few of the Hillside Village homes completed. Mine is a few houses down and to the left, out of the photo.

neighborhood 1954

Next is a more current aerial photo of a portion of the neighborhood taken in April 2007 for the city with a hi-res camera. Note the triangular intersection. It will help you get your bearings. Here is a link to the full map of the city.

neighborhood 2007

Below is an image from a 1954 marketing piece for the new village. It shows the three house styles of the village. (Mine is the Denison.) Clicking the image will open a PDF (1.4mb) of the entire brochure. I love the retro '50s images and the selling points which speak of the "modern" conveniences of this bygone era. It makes me want to buy one all over again!

Blietz brochure

Clicking the above image will open a PDF (1.4 mb).