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So come on in—take the tour! Plan some home-improvement projects of your own, and let me know what you do!

Welcome to My Home . . .

. . . my home pages, actually! Within this site I am documenting some of the improvements we have made to my actual home over the last decade or two.

At a glance, Before & After photos in the House and Garden Project pages provide a visual. Clicking on a project will display step-by-step instructions, supplies and colors, paint formulas where applicable, and other details and photos about the project, helping me remember my own processes, and possibly inspiring online visitors to do home improvements of their own.

Front door before front door afterEven a simple weekend project can give a huge boost in curb appeal, brightening both my house and my spirits! My front-door facelift, shown here, is a good example of what I mean.


Before and After, Spring 2008

My House

I have lived in this house since I was six years old. I purchased it from my mother when my own kids were born, and now they are grown and out of the house. This has given me lots of time to figure out ways to make the house prettier and more functional to better suit my needs! It didn’t give me the money to work these miracles, however, but as funds become available, we continue to make improvements, D-I-Y style.

The house is a split-level ranch, built in the mid-50s by Irvin A. Blietz, in a neighborhood he named Hillside Village (click here for images of the neighborhood). My mother always said these houses were “made out of ticky-tacky” (as the song goes) but in fact, quality materials were often used. For instance, the exterior siding is redwood, and interior finishes included solid-wood louver doors and mahogany paneling.

There are about 75 homes with the same basic footprint in my around-the-block neighborhood, but the floor-plans actually consist of three variations, giving the area a less “cookie-cutter” look. Over the years, with remodeling, customization and maturing trees and gardens, visitors often don’t even notice the similar floor-plans.

So come on in! Poke around my site and see what we've done to customize our modest little house.


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