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Old Shrub Leads to New View

Shrub Removal, Garbage, and Bench

before shrub removal

Shrubs flanking arbor

Our neighbor's arbor, which leads to our backyards, had always been flanked by two large juniper shrubs, one in their yard and one in ours. Each bush was original to the yard and so over 50 years old. Our neighbors removed theirs in summer, 2008, and moved the arbor slightly, which left our bush looking uneven and out of place, so we cut ours down too and removed the stump.

view of garbage where shrub was removed

Trashy view!

Ooops! What we didn't realize was that removing the shrub left a fine view of the next-door garbage cans from our front walk and doorstep. Back to the drawing board!

bench after shrub removal


Here is our AFTER photo of the completed project. We transplanted two small arborvitae shrubs that needed to be removed anyway from too-small planters, and bought a new larger shrub which we centered between the two. Then I had to go shopping! I found just what I wanted: a sweet little bench whose silhouette looks great in front of the dark green shrubs and which draws the eye away from looking at the garbage!