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Home Improvements

House front view 1998 and 2008

Hover over photo to see AFTER results.

See below for links to home-improvement projects we've completed in the last 10 years. Our remodeling began in earnest in 2002 when funds became available. Also visit the Garden Projects page for documentation on outdoor improvements!

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Hurray—New Windows!

As the photos show, the front of our house was greatly improved when we installed our new windows. The south-facing front window, 9' wide by 6' high, defines the look of the house. I chose a 45-degree casement bay much to Laif's consternation, as he had to figure out how to make it work in the existing space!

bay window before and after

Click image for window replacement project details.


Bathroom Remodel

In 2003, we completed a series of bathroom improvements that I continue to love to this day. Click the photo for project details.

Bathroom tub area before and after

Click image for bathroom remodel project details.


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