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Gardening Tip:
Can't decide whether to play in the garden or work inside? Let the daisy decide!
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New Generation of Gardeners!

Henry's 1st birthdayApril Baby

Maybe it's because Henry was born in April, when spring fever hits hard and gardeners everywhere get itchy to be out digging. He has always loved helping in the garden and watering plants. Now his little brother, Oliver, also shows an interest (see video below). Or maybe it's just that every child loves playing with water! Here is Henry's first birthday party with his garden cake (made by me but inspired by Martha Stewart and Beatrix Potter!) One layer of carrot cake and one layer of zucchini cake—Peter Rabbit would have loved it!

Garden Cake

Henry's 1st birthday cake—garden inspired! (Hover for exquisite detail!)

The veggies are molded from marzipan. The rock border and picket fence are also edible. (Link to Martha's original recipe.)

Continued Interest in Gardening!

Digging Henry's 4th birthday

Henry never skips an opportunity to help in the garden, as shown above digging with Laif. His recent fourth birthday party (2009) also had a garden theme. Above right, party guests help Henry plant his birthday garden. Below, Oliver demonstrates his ability to help in the garden too!

Oliver's Gardening Tip!

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